The sassy new picture book, WHY HE’S MY EX redefines break-ups from a funny woman’s perspective. It sets the record straight with wildly amusing color photographs and the hottest doll models in the game (no dolls were harmed in the making of this book). WHY HE’S MY EX is the definitive break-up pictorial exploring true stories of bad male behavior with hilarious results. It’s the perfect gift for the recently unhitched or the single gal who runs through men like water.


We’ll be at the super fun West Hollywood Book Fair on Sunday, September 30th. Stop by our booth in the WEHO writes section for a few laughs! Get your picture taken with “Dick” the 6-foot bad boyfriend standee and grab a free gift on your way out!

September 30th, 2012


Booth time 3-5 PM


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